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woman with calculator and piggy bankNational Debt Relief is committed to providing true service and works with the rules and regulation of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). We do not charge upfront fees and we also have one of the lowest fees in the industry.

The FTC came up with the TSR or the Telemarketing Sales Rule with the intention to protect consumers and debtors from abusive practices of some debt relief companies. Read more about it in our resource page about Debt Relief Laws.

As a legitimate debt management company, National Debt Relief will not charge you upfront fees – there is no cost to signup. Our initial consultations are free. We will have a debt professional talk with you to discuss how you can approach your debt management plan effectively. Together, you will look at your finances and see what you can afford to pay for month on month.

All of these planning will not require upfront payments from you. While we will discuss with you our fees during the initial meeting, that payment will not be billed to you unless we have successfully come up with an agreement with your creditor – an agreement that you can accept.

We will work on helping you save a huge amount on your debt and our fees will be a percentage of your debt amount. That is how the TSR wants the transactions to happen between debt relief companies and their consumers and we are completely compliant with that.

Our focus is not on those fees but on helping our clients get the best debt relief solution to their financial troubles. We work on settling over $10 million in debt every month and we work hard on behalf of our clients. We even go beyond that by providing you with free credit consultations to make sure that after you get a debt-free life, you know how to keep it that way.

apply now for debt relief helpNational Debt Relief is willing and able to give you a hand to get out of debt. Give us a call and find out what we have in store for you. We assure you that you will only pay depending on how we perform with regards to the reduction of your debt.

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