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5 Financial Lessons To Learn From Your Dog

smiling girlLearning financial lessons from a dog seems unlikely for some and improbable for most. But what we have lovingly referred to as “man’s best friend” has more to offer. Known for their fierce loyalty and positive disposition, dogs have been a constant companion of people for the longest time.  Dogs have taken many forms of odd jobs over the past few decades. From being a hunter’s companion to being a house pet. There are those that are assisting physically-disabled people to be mobile. Dogs are even known to be a great addition to the police force and even as a great companion for people in the hospital.

But there are more to a dog that just their companionship. They have been gifted with extraordinary characteristics that being able to learn some financial lessons just by mere observation is a constant reminder that they are more than just house pets that people call on every once in a while. They have more to offer than their kisses and cuddles. There are financial lessons that can be learned from TV programs so it is not that far fetched that there are financial lessons from dogs as well.

Financial lessons from a dog

It would be impossible to talk to any living person at this moment who hasn’t seen a dog. In fact, reports that about 62% of American households ar pet owners. That means more than half of the population has a pet. From the same survey, it was found out that almost half of these pet owners has a dog for a pet.

By taking a close look on how these dogs behave, consumers can take away financial lessons that can be used in improving the financial standing.

Due diligence

As shared, dogs use their nose to sniff out and investigate items that they cm ein contact with. It could be a new ball that you recently bought off the store rack or it could be that old rope you play tug-of-war with everyday. They will use their nose to identify what they are seeing and feeling because this is their strong point. Dogs has a keen sense of smell and they use this to their advantage like finding that cookie you hid in the cabinet. This is another trait with which we can learn financial lessons from.

As a consumer, there are times that we take on credit purchases and loan instruments without studying it carefully. This would often lead to serious problems in the future like inability to pay back and debt. Excitement got the best of us and we forgo due diligence. We do not observe around us and take a closer look on what additional monthly payment our purchases will do to out budget.

Learn to investigate first on the financial moves you are about to commit to before doing them. There are just so much that we can research on and our dogs are also telling us to sniff out and read between the lines.


They have none. Dogs are known to be up for anything anytime. They do not turn their back on any new adventure and seize the day with vigor and enthusiasm. See how their tails wiggle at the sight of a ball ready to be thrown in the air.  The will fly off the ground chasing that ball regardless how far or how high you throw it.

The same outlook can be applied with finances. The best time to straighten it out is today. Yesterday is already in the books and tomorrow is too far away. Now is the best time. If you are putting off the fact that you have to sit down and take a close hard look at your budget, the best time for it is now. The sooner you do it, the earlier you can map out all the financial moves you need to do.

Have you been planning to start saving for that emergency fund  you have always thought of? The perfect time is now. Just go ahead and send that amount over to your emergency fund and let it stay there. Continue doing the habit until you get used to it. Been wanting to ask your HR about 401(k) company matching. Again, the best time to do it is today. Putting it off for tomorrow may never end.

Here is a short video on how to start with emergency funds:

Dive in

Dogs dive head on. They jump right in without hesitation. If they know that you are at the other side of the door that is about to open, they will eagerly wait for an opening and jump off the gates just to get to you. This is how they are, once they are sure of what they want to do, they jump with both sets of feet in.

This financial lesson from our canine friend is telling us is to commit to our financial decisions. If we have carefully studied that investment option in the bank and feel good about it, seize the opportunity and dive right in.

Saving for a rainy day

By instinct, your dogs are save up bones by digging into the dirt and putting it in before covering it up again. They do this so they can chew on it again at some future point in time. This is a clear financial lesson for humans, save for the rainy day. it could be the emergency fund or the retirement fund. Whatever it is, be sure to have some funds ready to tide you through in the future


Just as there are financial lesson that can be learned from kid’s cartoon programs, our dogs can also teach us some valuable financial lessons where on of which is focus. Observe how your dogs are focused at whatever task at hand there is. If he is devouring a bone, his complete and undivided attention will be on that bone. If he sees that mailman coming, he will put all his energy in chasing him down until he gets to chew down the mail .

This observation is another financial lesson to be learned. There is nothing wrong with multi tasking at work or at home. We feel that we are able to get a lot of things done. But as our pet dogs do it, there is wisdom in focusing on one agenda until we achieve it. If we are listing down the monthly budget, we can finish it faster and more accurately if we do away with our smartphones for a while where we constantly check social networking sites.

This can also apply to long term goals. Saving for retirement should be the main focus of your 401(k). You must resist borrowing against it to be used for other non-retirement activities before you actually need it. Apart from the penalty in early withdrawal, you lose focus on the main objective of the fund.

More than a pet

Financial lessons can be found almost everywhere even with dogs. They have become an everyday companion for a lot of people for a multitude of reasons. Personal, service and even health reasons has endeared us to our canine pets. But seeing their characteristics, they offer so much more that companionship and friendship, their outlook in life is a great benchmark on how we can improve in our finances.

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