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Are You Ready To Earn $99,000 A Year Slinging Burritos?

Maybe your ideal job isn’t making burritos at Chipotle, but not so fast there. Believe it or not, working at Chipotle can be a great job.

woman taking money out of walletYes, $99,000 a year

Would you turn up your nose at a job paying $99,000 a year? I didn’t think so. But if you were to go to work at the Chipotle Mexican Grill fast food chain and work your way up to what the company calls a restaurateur you would earn $99,000 a year, which probably is a lot more than you might have thought that anyone in the burrito business could earn.

The story of Lidia Castillo

I discovered this when I read the story of Lidia Castillo who started as a service manager with Chipotle and within a year had worked her way up to restaurateur, which is the company’s title for general manager. This job comes with an average salary of $99,000.

Confirmed by a company spokesperson

This was confirmed by a company spokesperson who said that $99,000 a year is the average salary for the company’s restaurateurs. He also pointed out that about 98% of all restaurant managers come from within the company. One reason the company can do this is because it owns all of its own stores and has no franchisees. Plus, it has a people oriented culture and tries as much as possible to promote from within.

If you’re not looking for a full time job

If you’re now happily employed and just looking for extra money to pay down debt, you still have some good alternatives. You might be able to take on an extra shift at your current job or get a part-time job. I don’t know whether or not Chipotle hires part-time workers but many restaurants do. The hospitality industry is another place where it’s usually fairly easy to find part-time work. These jobs may not pay a lot but consider the fact that every dollar you earn is a dollar that could be used to pay down your debt.

Do you have a marketable skill?

Do you knit, make quilts, do pottery or crotchet? If so, you should sign up with the website Etsy, which is a great place to sell everything from vintage items to handmade throws. It costs just $.20 to list an item on Etsy for four months, plus, 3.5% of the selling price if it sells. If you have multiple items to sell, you can even build an Etsy store free. Of course, you will have to pay the $.20 for every item listed in your store.

If you don’t have the requisite skills

Is the idea of selling items on Etsy appeals to you but you don’t feel that you have the relevant skills, it’s easy to acquire them. The website www.craftsy offers online courses where you can learn to do everything from serge to crocheting and from knitting to making artisan cheeses. These courses generally cost $39.95, which is a very small investment to make when you think about how much you could earn by selling hand crocheted items on Etsy.

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