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Debt Settlement Calculator

How much can I save with debt settlement? Estimate your monthly payments on a debt settlement plan.

Your payments may be much lower when compared to your minimum monthly credit card payments, consolidation loans, credit counseling and bankruptcy repayment plans.

This settlement calculator can be used to estimate your monthly payment (based on a payment period between 24-48 months* for an idealized debt settlement program. All programs vary, but we hope this inspires you to take some kind of debt relief steps whether it’s settlement through a reputable company, redoing your budget and cutting costs, consolidation, or whatever works best for you.

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This calculator is for debt settlement and will calculate payments differently than a debt consolidation loan calculator and may not be typical for any one program.

Your actual payment will vary based on your unique situation.

For illustration purposes only.

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For $10,000 in unsecured debt, 36 month program term, your payment estimate is $218.56.

A similar $10,000 debt consolidation loan using your home’s equity with an 8% interest rate is $313.

Another example, $20,000 unsecured credit cards, 48 month term, your payment estimate is $308.83.

A $20,000 home equity debt consolidation loan at 8% interest is $627.

As an alternative comparison, a credit counseling debt management plan: $10,000 Chase credit card, at 15% APR. You would be offered a 60 month program with monthly payments of $212.09

For the $20,000 DMP, again with a Chase credit card at 15% APR, you would be looking at a 61 month program length with a monthly payment of $418.32.apply now for debt relief help

Do you want to pay $218 a month for 36 months with a debt settlement plan or $212 a month with a credit counseling plan for 60 months or $313 with a loan?

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