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Does A Cease And Desist Letter Work For Creditors

Not being able to pay down your debt is frustrating. Having your creditors calling you everyday to remind you of this fact can be even more frustrating. You may be thinking of ways to force debt collectors to stop contacting you. Using a cease and desist letter could be how you go about doing this. Is it always in your best interest to send a cease and desist letter to those who are seeking payment from you?

Who Is Required To Honor Your Request

Debt collection agencies must stop contacting you after receipt of this letter. However, your original creditor may not stop trying to pursue a past due debt. Most creditors will typically avoid contacting you out of fear of a complaint being made with debt regulators.

Any lawyer who handles more than two debts a year must also honor your request to cease communications. Keep in mind that this does not mean a creditor cannot collect the money you owe. All this means is that the creditor cannot legally contact you from this point forward.

Sending a cease and desist letter to your creditors will work if you are looking to avoid harassing communications. Keep in mind that there will be other negative consequences if you do decide to send this letter.

What Are The Consequences Of Sending Such A Letter

Most creditors will send your account straight to court when receiving such a message. What you are basically telling creditors is that the time for talking is over. No further negotiations will take place regarding your debt.

An inability to contact you will make it hard for the creditor to collect the debt owed. Therefore, the easiest thing for your creditor to do is file a lawsuit against you. This is probably not the outcome you were looking for.

Telling your creditors not to contact you will give you the peace and quiet you desire. However, it will also create a situation where you have essentially blown off your creditors. You should understand they have all the leverage in this situation. You should consider a debt settlement as opposed to hoping the situation will go away.

You could have a lien placed on your home, your wages garnished and your credit score ruined if you have to go to court. It should be noted that your credit score will suffer due to failure to make timely payments. Simply sending a cease and desist letter will not lower your credit score.

Are There Other Ways To Ignore Creditors

Your first step should be to find ways to ignore your creditors. A good idea would be to give them a phone number that is not your main number. For example, you may use your cell phone as your main contact number. Giving your creditors your home number allows you to avoid their calls.

Another option may be to let an answering machine pick up your calls. Creditors must identify themselves if they are leaving a message. Usually, they are only allowed to say who the message is who the message is for as well as a contact number for a response.

Transfer power of attorney to someone else. A lawyer, credit counselor or friend may be willing to take the phone calls for you. This allows you to work on lowering your debt without dealing with harassing phone calls.

Avoiding your creditors is not going to help you get out of debt any faster. All it will do is make your debt situation worse. The best thing to do is negotiate a settlement of your current debt. It will be a winning proposition for both sides. Telling your creditors to stop contacting you will just get you sued. Chances are not very good of you winning the case. Call 1-800 Cut Bills today to see how a debt relief plan can help you end those harassing creditor calls. Log on to for more information about how debt consolidation can improve your life.

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