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Going Green: Surprising Financial Benefits As You Save The Environment

man thinking on a rockDid you know that going green will not only save your life, it can also save you money? That sort of lessens the significance of the statement that saving can save your life. If your intention is to improve your way of life, do not just concentrate on growing your money. That will help you but only in the material sense. By choosing to think about how you will save the environment, you actually get to lower your monthly expenses and at the same time, save your life and future generations too.

Isn’t that a better way to live your life? Making an effort not just to save your personal finances but to also make sure that there is a world that you can live on tomorrow so you get to enjoy what you sow today?

Why the world needs to be serious about global warming

By choosing not to act on the going green campaign that the authorities are calling us to do, our inactivity may be costing our planet a lot. If you listen to the news, one of the things that you will always hear involves bad weather that seems to be sprouting all over the world. Here are a few of them that happened only this week:

November 18 – Earthquake in Johannesburg, South Africa

November 19 – Cyclone Cleopatra in Sardinia (killed 18); Snowstorm in Harbin, China that claimed 4 lives and resulted in an average daily snowfall of 11.4mm.

November 20 – Earthquake in Ohio

November 21 – Flooding in Baghdad (killed 11)

November 22 – Cyclone Helen in India (killed 7 with 20 still missing)

November 23 – Storm in Greece (killed 2)

November 24 – Winter storm in US southwest (killed at least 13); Flooding in Thailand (killed 3)


It is not wise to shrug these off as typical weather conditions because the proximity of these events are too close to be natural. Looking back on horrific events in the past like Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Japan and the most recent super typhoon in the Philippines, all of these can only be a result of climate change. Something is definitely wrong and we only have to blame our reckless way of living because it is slowly but surely tampering with the normal patterns of Mother Nature.

To give you an idea about how much we are wasting by not going green, here are some facts about the average American consumption based on the compilation on the website,

  • If Americans learned how to recycle one-tenth of the cans that they throw away, up to 3.2 billion cans can be saved every year.

  • The junk mail of 100,000 people can save 150,000 trees on a yearly basis.

  • 10% of the food that you buy goes to packaging.

  • Americans waste 21 million shopping bags of food every year – all of which ends up in a landfill.

  • It takes 15 to 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose. It risks the environment because exposure to light dissolves it into toxic polymer – most of which ends up in the ocean.

  • Only 1% of plastic bags are recycled. The 99% are left in the landfills. The US alone contributes 100 billion new plastic every year.

  • Since plastic is lightweight, they have a high chance of flying away to settle in the ocean, beach, etc.

  • California spends more than $300 million every year to clean up the coastal areas.

  • If one person used a reusable bag, he or she will save 22,000 plastics bags over a lifetime.

By using products that are harmful to the environment, we do not only waste money, we also endanger the lives of the other species that live with us on this planet. It is all interconnected and what you think is minimal can actually have a great effect on the ecosystem in general.

4 benefits on your personal finances when you try to save the environment

To help encourage you to save the environment, you may want to focus on what it can specifically help you with. If you are in a financial crisis and you need to increase your disposable income, you may want to see how going green can help you accomplish this. Whether it is to help pay for your debt or to save up for an important expense, your household budget can really benefit if you try to adapt a greener living at home.

Here are 4 financial benefits that you can get from trying to save the environment.

  • You save on your monthly utility bills. Energy is only of the things that we have to conserve – especially when we are consuming non renewable energy. But even if you are using renewable energy, make sure that you use only energy efficient appliances to keep from wasting it. This act is not only good for the environment, it can really help you cut back on your energy bills every month. For instance, when you have good weather, you can air dry your clothes. Turning off lights and faucets when not in use are also some of the things that you can do to lower your utility bills.

  • You find ways to recycle what you have instead of buying new things everyday. As mentioned earlier, you spend around 10% of the retail price on packaging that can end up in landfills. By utilizing reusable bags, you get to save up on this 10% and you can keep it as part of your disposable income. You can also opt to use your leftovers to make them into a new meal – like a turkey sandwich from the leftover s of your Thanksgiving dinner. Any what you can no longer cook can be used as compost when you grow your own produce.

  • You get tax credits from Energy Star. You can actually qualify for credits that can save you money on your taxes. Anything that you spend on your home that is good for the environment, as long as it meets the qualifications stated on the site, then you can get 10% tax credits.

  • You develop financial management skills that will help you deal with your credit problems. By opting to maximize the use of the things that you bought, you get to improve your financial management skills – smart spending being on top of the list. Now, your concern will not only be on the price, but the overall value of what you are buying.

Environment friendly can also boost your business profits

If you are a businessman struggling to keep up with your company’s credit obligations, going green can also provide you with the same savings in your office. By saving on overhead expenses, you can free us some money from your profits to settle your debt problems.

Here are some examples for how this can help your business.

  • If you adapt a paperless office, you get to save money on paper products and you also save some trees from being cut down. While it will require effort at first since the transition will need to be worked on, what you will save in the long run will be much rewarding. For instance, Coca-cola saved $100 million when they decided to improve the packaging of their products to support their going green campaign.

  • Announcing your intent to go green improves your brand image and in effect, improves profitability. People who support this cause will start to take interest in your business if you reveal that you have a high sense of corporate social responsibility. Being a part of a tree planting event or sponsoring a green campaign can put your company in a positive light in your local community. It also helps improve the moral of your employees.

  • People who emulate a green way of life are usually very passionate about it and this passion can attract them to your company. Your chances of attracting talent can also become higher if the job applicant knows that your company is environment-conscious.

  • It can improve some of your business processes. For instance, going digital and minimizing your paper consumption will help make document management more efficient. Instead of leafing through stacks of paper, finding files can be much easier.

Truly, the financial benefits of going green cannot be ignored. And given the effects that our actions have done to the planet, we need to start acting now. If not for the financial savings that it will give us, but for the moral responsibility that we have in the community that we live in.

Here is a light yet very informative video that sums up going green, the effects of climate change and what you can do to help stop it.


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