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How to Live Frugally

Woman doing budgetingModern living costs are very high. This has caused many people to consider the various ways they could reduce their spending and yet live comfortably. Living frugally should be a joyous thing because you get the opportunity to be so creative. Living a frugal life even if you don’t have to could be an advantage because if you were to lose your job or become underemployed, you would already be used to living frugally. Below are ways to live more frugally.

Live Below Your Means

Try to save 5% to 10% of your monthly income acting as if the money doesn’t even exist. For example, if you are earning $3,000, save $30 and create a budget based on $2,970. Living below your means helps ensure you will not have a hard time if the economy turns really sour. For example, we could see severe inflation, which would affect many items such as gas and food prices.

Set Up A Budget

Make a budget with all the items that you need and divide them into categories such as transportation, food, insurance, medical expenses, utilities, etc. Calculate all your expenses and then subtract it from your income. Deposit the balance into a high interest savings account as this is a great way to save.

Stick To Your Budget

Buy what you need not what you want. Create goals and save up until you have enough money to fulfill them.. Sticking to your budget will help you save a lot of money and improve your finances in the long run.

Cut Your Debt

You can increase your net-worth-to-income ratio by eliminating your debts. This will make it easier to get a loan to fund large projects such as buying a car. A debt free life is a stress free life.

Reduce Your Living Space

Move to an apartment that is large enough for you and your family. Get family members to share a bedroom at this is very economical. A smaller living space translates into lower maintenance and utility bills.

Save On Transportation

Instead of having to continually fill your gas tank, use public transportation. You could also hitch a ride with a friend who is travelling in the same direction as you. If you must drive, pick a car that is gas efficient and big enough for your needs but is not a big gas guzzler.

Look For Free Entertainment

You can choose to watch over-the-air TV instead of having a cable subscription. Borrow movies instead of buying them and browse at places that offer free Internet access such as libraries and cafes. Look into your city’s websites for free entertainment and attractions in your area.

Choose Your Furniture Carefully

Buy quality furniture to extend its usefulness and to avoid having to replace it in just a few years. There are books that can show you how to repair these items yourself. This will save you from having to hire an expensive professional.

Sell Items You Don’t Need

Gather all the clutter in your house and sell it off. You could sell it online through eBay or Craigslist. You can use the money you earn to do other important things.

Look For Deals

You will save significantly if you shop in stores that have good deals. You can also grow your own food if you have space for a vegetable garden or window boxes where you could grow spices.

Recycle And Reuse What You Can

There are items you can reuse instead of disposing them. Your local Freecycle group could help you do this. You could also recycle glass, paper and cardboard to reduce the cost of your trash collection.

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