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When you think about Hawaii, chances are you think about three, maybe four islands. But Hawaii actually consists of seven islands – Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and the Big Island of Hawaii. Put the seven together and you have 10,931 square miles, making this state America’s 43rd in size, followed by three of the New England states — Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. And measuring from east to west, it’s America’s widest state.

You might also not think of Hawaii as an agricultural state. Yet, it produces one-third of the world’s commercial supply of pineapple and is the only US state that grows coffee. It also raises bananas, macadamia nuts and taro

While Hawaii might be famous for its beaches, the Hawaiian Islands are actually the projecting tops of the world’s biggest mountain range and, yes, Hawaii does have mountains, including an active volcano, Kilauea, which is considered to be one of the worlds most frequently active volcanoes.

For whatever reason, home ownership in Hawaii is only 56.1% meaning that nearly 45% of the population rents. This is despite the fact that its median income is on the high side at $61,821.

Personal credit card debt in Hawaii averages $6910, which is quite high vs. the national average of  $4,879 per borrower. It’s unemployment rate is 4.4% making it America’s 5th best state in this category. The average Hawaiian has a credit score of 700 ranking it 13th among all U.S. states. If you had a credit score of 700, lenders would see you as having “good” credit and you should be able to get loans, including a mortgage, at reasonable interest rates.

Hawaii’s total labor force numbers 646,900 of which 124,5000 are employed in the Government sector. The second largest group is Hawaiians employed in Trade, Transportation and Utilities, and, no surprise here, 110,300 are employed in Leisure and Hospitality.

You probably would also not be surprised to learn that Hawaii’s largest city is Honolulu with a population of 374,701 followed by Ewa (279,683) and Koolaupoko (121,180), all three of which are on the island of Oahu

Debt Settlement & Debt Arbitration in Hawaii

Hawaii Debt Arbitration and Debt Negotiation Laws

We are pleased to inform the residents of Hawaii that our debt relief services are available in your state! There is help for those struggling with unsecured debts. Our debt consultants are always ready to speak with you and give you a free consultation – you can call now:

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We provide debt settlement and debt arbitration in the state of Hawaii. Credit card debt settlement is a way to reduce your debts with the creditor or collection agency to only pay back a fraction of the original amount owed. This method works because you pay less yet the creditor still recovers some of their loss.

However, you may not have to even apply for credit card debt settlement if the statute of limitations is up in your state and the debt no longer appears on your credit report. Legally, credit companies must recover the debt in a period of time specified by the state or the debt is no longer recoverable after this time period. Read on to find out if the statute of limitations is up for you.

Debt Collection

(This is intended to be a helpful and informational debt resource for Hawaii consumers and does not constitute legal advice.)

Hawaii follows the set of federal laws dealing with collection agencies (and law firms that collect debts) that are collectively known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

In addition:

  • Original creditor or creditor collecting own debt must comply with all the provisions of the FDCPA, except those provisions dealing with required disclosures. (For example, the original creditor does not have to verify the debt’s validity).
  • Debt collector cannot attempt to convince the debtor to pay debt discharged in bankruptcy without clearly disclosing the nature and consequence of agreement and fact that debtor is not legally obligated to pay debt.
  • Debt collector cannot attempt to convince the debtor to agree that debt was incurred to pay for necessities of life when debt was not for that purpose.
  • Debt collector cannot attempt to convince debtor to pay a collections fee.
  • Claim it has something of value in its possession in an attempt to lure the debtor

Maximum Interest Rate a Collection Agency Can Charge in Hawaii: 10%

Hawaii Wage Protection: 100% protection for 31 days

Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations is a law that sets forth the maximum period of time, after certain events, that legal proceedings based on those events may be initiated. For debt, the statutes of limitation apply to the maximum period of time after a consumer has become delinquent on their payments. The key point to remember is that you are considered delinquent not from the date of your last payment, but rather the day after you have gone past due. In other words, if you made your last payment on 3/3/03 and your next payment was due the same day of the next month, the statute of limitations on the debt would not start running until 4/4/04. The statutes of limitations vary from state to state and depend on the type of debt and where the original transaction took place (i.e. if you took the loan out in Texas but currently live in Hawaii, the applicable statutes of limitations would be Texas’).

Oral Agreements: 6 years
Written Contracts: 6 years
Promissory Notes: 6 years
Open Accounts (credit cards): 6 years

get debt relief help>Whether you have unsecured credit cards, medical bills, personal loans or collection accounts, there’s help for you. The National Debt Relief Group offers a free consultation. You can fill out our Short Application and one of our debt specialists will contact you within minutes, or you can call now – (888) 703-4948.

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