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Virginia’s state slogan is “Virginia Is For Lovers.” It was named for the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, and was founded to cultivate silk that could then be traded in the Court of King James. Unfortunately, a blight fungus wiped out the colony’s Mulberry trees, which is what silkworms feed on. The colonists then planted tobacco as their cash crop and it’s Virginia’s top cash crop to this day.

Jamestown, Virginia was America’s first English settlement and was the state’s first capital. Virginia leads America in terms of presidents produced as eight of them were born there. They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson.

The nation’s second oldest university, William and Mary, was founded in 1693 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Blue Ridge Mountains are in Virginia and the nation’s first peanuts were grown there.

Virginia’s population is 8,001,024. This ranks it as our 12th most populous state. It is comprised of 42,774 square miles making it our 35th largest state.

The state’s total labor force is 3,597,100. Office and Administrative Support Occupations is the largest portion of its labor force with 534,920 employees. Sales and Related Occupations is Virginia’s second largest labor segment with 367,050 workers. And Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations comes in third with 304,880 employees.

Virginians carry an average credit card debt of $5329. This is somewhat higher than the average US credit card debt of $5235 per borrower. They have an average VantageScore credit score of 694. This is also slightly higher then the US average VantageScore of 687.

Virginia’s median household income is $64,631, which is considerably higher than the US median household income of $51,017. Unemployment in the state is a modest 5.2% ranking it 12th in the nation. This also makes it better than the US unemployment rate, which is currently 7.3%. Homeownership in Virginia is 68.7% versus the US average homeownership of 65%.

Virginia Beach is the state’s largest city with a population of 437,994. Its second-largest city is Norfolk with a population of 242,803. Chesapeake is third with 222,209 residents. Unemployment in Virginia Beach is 5.2% or exactly the same as the state’s unemployment rate. Unemployment in Norfolk is higher at 7.2% but Chesapeake’s unemployment rate is 5.7% or just two tenths of a point higher that of the state as a whole.

Credit Card Debt Settlement Programs & Services in Virginia

Virginia Credit Card Reduction Programs and Laws

We are pleased to inform the residents of Virginia that our debt relief services are available in your state! There is help for those struggling with unsecured debts. Our debt consultants are always ready to speak with you and give you a free consultation – you can call now:

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We provide debt settlement and debt negotiation in the state of Virginia. Credit card debt settlement is a way to reduce your debts with the creditor or collection agency to only pay back a fraction of the original amount owed. This is great for both you and your creditor because you get to pay less than your total balance owed while your creditor actually receives something back as compared to if you’d have gone bankrupt.

However, you may not have to even apply for credit card debt settlement if the statute of limitations is up in your state and the debt no longer appears on your credit report. Legally, credit companies must recover the debt in a period of time specified by the state or the debt is no longer recoverable after this time period. Read on to find out if the statute of limitations is up for you.

Debt Collection

(This is intended to be a helpful and informational debt resource for Virginia consumers and does not constitute legal advice.)

Virginia follows the set of laws that are collectively known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Maximum Interest Rate a Collection Agency Can Charge in Virginia: 6%

Virginia Wage Protection: 75% of disposable weekly earnings (after tax income) or 30 times federal hourly minimum wage, whichever is greater.

Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations is a law that sets forth the maximum period of time, after certain events, that legal proceedings based on those events may be initiated. For debt, the statutes of limitation apply to the maximum period of time after a consumer has become delinquent on their payments. The key point to remember is that you are considered delinquent not from the date of your last payment, but rather the day after you have gone past due. In other words, if you made your last payment on 3/3/03 and your next payment was due the same day of the next month, the statute of limitations on the debt would not start running until 4/4/04. The statutes of limitations vary from state to state and depend on the type of debt and where the original transaction took place (i.e. if you took the loan out in Florida but currently live in Virginia, the applicable statutes of limitations would be Florida’s). Oral Agreements: 3 years
Written Contracts: 5 years
Promissory Notes: 5 years
Open Accounts (credit cards): 3 years

apply now for debt relief helpWhether you have unsecured credit cards, medical bills, personal loans or collection accounts, there’s help for you. The National Debt Relief Group offers a free consultation. You can fill out our Short Application and one of our debt specialists will contact you within minutes, or you can call now – (888) 703-4948.

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