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How does the Debt Relief Program Work?

smilling woman with laptopBelow is a list of debts and creditors with which we can and cannot work.
Also, please note that:

  • The accounts you wish to enroll must be unsecured (uncollateralized).
  • Each individual account balance must be $500 or more.
  • The total debt amount for all of your accounts combined must be $7500 or over.

Debts That Qualify Are:

  • Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, etc)
  • Department Store Cards Including Furniture (Sears, Macy’s, Gap, Paypal Store Cards)
  • Gas Cards
  • Bank Loans from Prior Banks
  • Installment Loans
  • Finance Companies
  • Unsecured Personal Loans (American General, CitiFinancial)
  • Repossession Deficiency Balances – you must have the current statement
  • Business Debts – We do prefer for your business to already be closed. Also, you cannot have anything secured tied to any of the business accounts.
  • Bank, Overdraft, and Associated Fees (you must have a statement and the debt must be with a collection agency)
  • Cell Phones (Not Current)
  • Credit Unions whose members are not Federal or Military employees
  • Veterinarian Bills over $500
  • Abandoned Time Shares – You must have current statements provided for them
  • Judgments 6 months or older must be provided with documentation
  • Back Rent (if you are not the current resident any longer)

*** Important – Please Read ***

You must include either all accounts of a single creditor or none.
For example: If you have three Chase cards, you can either include all three Chase cards, or none from Chase whatsoever.
Debts We Cannot Assist With:

  • Mortgage Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Student Loans (Private or Federal)
  • Cash Call Loans
  • Personal Loan from Current Bank
  • Child Support
  • Back Taxes
  • Speeding Tickets and/or Fines
  • Current Cell Phones, back rent (current residence), back utilities
  • Current litigation accounts (less than 6 months)
  • NSF (Insufficient Funds) Checks
  • Gambling Debts – There are exceptions, must pre-approve
  • Newly taken/high cash advances, Balance Transfers and Large Luxury Purchases where 3-6 payments have been made (case by case depending on amount and timing of the transaction)
  • AAFES, STAR or USAA cards (military)
  • Car Repair bills
  • Rent-a-center bills
  • Warranty Contracts
  • Insurance Policies
  • Check Cashing Establishments
  • Attorney Fees
  • Bail Bonds

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