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Debt Settlement Letters

How much can you save with debt settlement? Does debt negotiation really work? Check out some of these recent debt settlement letters and see how our clients have done. Your results will vary based on your ability to save funds for settlement offers and your creditors’ willingness to settle your debts. Even if your creditors say they do not do settlements, you will see many of the major credit card banks like Bank of America, Discover Card, MBNA, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, FIA Card Services, HSBC, Barclays, and American Express.

So check out these debt settlement letters and then give us a call or fill out the form and see how much you can save with National Debt Relief.

These are only for consumers who successfully met all program terms and received settlement offers. Results will vary and there are no guarantees that all creditors will agree to settle.

2014-2015 Debt Settlement Letters:






bank of america 55 savings

























2011-2013 Debt Settlement Letters:

Asset Acceptance LLC 80% savings

Bank of America 60% savings

Barclays card 70% savings

Barclays card 60% savings

Chase bank 80% savings

Chase bank USA 65% savings

Chase bank USA 80% savings

Citi AAdvantage World Mastercard 66% savings

Citi Att Universal Mastercard 55% savings

Citi Mastercard 73% savings

Citi Mastercard 69% savings

Citibank 65% savings

Citibank Mastercard 64% savings

Citibank N.A. 63% savings

Citibank 60% savings

Citicorp Credit Services Inc 65% savings

Citifinancial 87% savings

Citifinancial 60% savings

Discover Card 64% savings

Discover Card 70% savings

Discover Card 70% savings

Discover Card 90% savings

FIA Card Services 70% savings

FIA Card Services 73% savings

FIA Card Services 80% savings

FIA Card Services 80% savings

FIA Card Services 65% savings

FIA Card Services 67% savings

FIA Card Services 70% savings

First National Bank Credit Card 66% savings

HSBC Consumer Lending USA 70% savings

JPMorgan Chase 70% savings

LVNV Funding 65% savings

MBNA Mastercard 68% savings

MBNA Mastercard 71% savings

Sears Citibank 70% savings

Sears Premier card 67% savings

TMobile 65% savings

US Bank 60% savings

US Bank 60% savings

Tips for getting the maximum debt settlement letter from your creditors:

1. Have adequate settlement funds available when the settlement offers arrive. You want to be able to take advantage of settlement offers as they come. Many times you only have a few days to take advantage of their offers before it is removed.

2. Do not hide from your creditors – keep the lines of communication open. You do not have to answer all the debt collection calls every day. As you fall further and further behind – the constant calls can seem like harassment but it is par for the course. You can put your phone on silent or vibrate so you do not have to hear the rings. But, do check your voice-mail and open all letters you receive from your creditors – you don’t know if they will send a debt settlement offer in the mail.

3. If you are considering bankruptcy protection, let your creditors know. They do not want you to file chapter 7 bankruptcy because they will lose everything on your account. Explain to your creditors that your financial hardship is severe enough that you are faced with bankruptcy and they may be more willing to negotiate and settle your account instead of taking a total loss on your account.

Take a couple minutes right now and see if you qualify for debt relief from National Debt Relief, a Better Business Bureau accredited debt counseling company.

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You get to pick a payment plan that fits in your budget. You could potentially see results in a few short months. Then you could be on your way to getting your own debt settlement letters that save you thousands of dollars. Contact us today.

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