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Medical Bills

hospital clipboardOne of the debts that have consumed the average American are medical bills. Despite the various programs set up by the government, health care is just too expensive nowadays! There may be health insurance offers that will help you in medical emergencies but without a job to pay for it consistently, you may find yourself foregoing that security.

With rising professional fees, hospital bills and medication costs, this financial stress is an ugly reality that most of us have to deal with. So what can you do to address this problem?

What to do with Medical Bills

First and foremost, do not accept your medical bills upfront. Scrutinize it. Believe it or not, sometimes they make mistakes with the bills they send you. Errors like overcharging and billing for unused items are the common mistakes on a medical bill. If you only got a summary, request the full details from the hospital. You have every right to dispute the errors that you find.

If you are sure that the bill is correct in every detail and you find that your finances cannot pay for them, ask about the debt programs of the hospital. These programs are there to help reduce your bills. They will assist you by coming up with a discounted plan that your finances can afford.

It also helps to get government assistance – if you are physically able to apply or you have someone who can arrange it for you. Get in touch the local social services department in your area. There are eligibility requirements of course, but if you qualify, it will take a huge chunk of the debt from your shoulders.

The same is true for charities. There are non-profit organizations supporting certain illnesses and health conditions and they can help raise fund for you. For instance, the National Cancer Institute works to help cancer patients with financial troubles.

Get Debt Relief for Medical Bills

If you find that you are not qualified for all of the above mentioned options, there is hope for you yet through debt relief. Fortunately, medical bills are considered as unsecured debts and that makes them eligible to apply for a debt relief program. A debt relief consultant will check your financial capabilities to come up with the best solution to get rid of your debt.

Instead of paying the medical bill, you send over your funds in a secured account. When you have a sizable amount, the debt relief consultant/negotiator will use that to negotiate with the hospital, physician or healthcare facility. They will aid you by representing your best interests to come up with a plan that will provide you with an affordable payment term.

There are other options like paying for it through consolidated loans but you need to be careful before going down that road. Ideally, a loan used to cover another loan is not really a solid plan to begin with. But if you find a loan that will give you lower interest rates and monthly payments, it could work for you. Just make sure you have a steady income to support this new loan.
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To find out your other options, give a call. They can help you with your medical bills through a debt relief program. Give us a call in our toll free number or chat with one of our financial experts. You can also fill out the short form on this page and we will have someone get in touch with you as soon as possible. The time to act on your debt is now. Don’t wait to be buried before you act on it. Call us now!

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