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Is Debt Settlement Right For Me?

Can I be free of debt with settlement?

Our program is unique and specifically designed for individuals who would like to be free of debt, and:

  • Have at least $7,500 in unsecured debt*
  • Qualified types of debt:
    • Major Credit Cards
    • Department Store Cards
    • Personal Loans
    • Medical Bills
    • Credit Unions
    • Collection Accounts rooting from the above mentioned account types
    • *In certain situations some secured debts can be settled
    • *In certain situations some private student loans can be settled. Call for details.
  • Unqualified debt:
    • Car, Truck, Van or Motorcycle loans
    • Federal Student Loans
    • Personal Loan from Current Bank
    • Mortgages (secured with Collateral)
    • Child Support
  • Cannot afford minimum monthly credit card payments
  • Have already or are about to fall behind in payments
  • Are seeking an alternative to bankruptcy
  • Cannot see any way to make financial progress
  • Experienced personal or financial hardships such as:
    • Unemployment
    • Divorce
    • Death in the family
    • Medical Expenses
    • Loss of income

You can access the full list of Qualifying Unsecured Accounts to determine your eligibility.

We understand that each debt settlement situation is different, and our debt consultants and specialists are trained to help you set realistic expectations and help you visualize and accomplish your financial goals. We can provide solid debt negotiation information based on your individual circumstances, including your ability to allocate funds towards settlement, your past payment history with creditors and your personal or financial hardship. Once we assess your individual circumstances, we will offer a debt negotiation program that is customized to your life.

Truth be told, there are various debt relief options in the market. However, you need to understand your unique financial condition in order for you to decide which path should best be taken. This includes the stretched ability of your finances to pay off your debts. When we say stretch, it means you have exhausted efforts to save on your expenses to increase the funds that are allotted to your debt payments.

Is Debt Settlement the Right Option?

When you reach the edge, this is when hiring an expert to help can benefit you greatly. Even if there are people who worked on conquering their debt woes by themselves, getting a professional debt relief assistance is more likely to give you the desired results. Especially with something as difficult as aiming for a lower outstanding balance.

Not only will you benefit from the negotiating expertise and industry knowledge of debt settlement consultants, their existing working relationship with your creditors and other collection agencies is more likely to arrive at a favorable agreement. When your aim is to have a percentage of your debt forgiven (meaning you do not have to pay for it), the stakes are high and the person handling the negotiations must be good at what they do! Not only will they help lower your payments, you may even enjoy the waiving of late penalty fees and also lower interest rates.

The way it works is they will assure the creditors that they have checked your financial standing and have found that you are incapable of paying the original terms of your debt. In the eyes of a creditor, having an unbiased agency analyzing your finances and coming up with a solution is a lot better than having you negotiate your terms on their own. The reputation of debt settlement agencies are on the line so they will choose the people they will represent.

National Debt Relief can help you find the right solution with a free consultation. You can fill out our Short Application and one of our debt specialists will contact you within minutes, or you can call now – (888) 703-4948.

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