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Low Program Payment

With National Debt Relief, we take pride in our flexibility to meet the unique needs of our clients. As one of the top debt management companies in the country, our team of experts are trained to provide you with the lowest payment program that will suit your budget perfectly.

How do we come up with the low program payment?

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We begin by looking into your finances – both your income and expenses to see where your financial capabilities stand. Our commitment to help you achieve a debt free life is only strengthened by your equal commitment to provide us with all the financial details needed to come up with a solid payment program.

Armed with your financial data, we will come up with a personal budget plan that will allow us to find the amount that you can afford to pay even as we remove the expenses you need for your basic necessities. Through our credit card counseling program, we will help you understand where you can save even further to increase the debt payment capabilities. This is to stay true to our principle of getting you debt free the smart way. We will lay out all the cards before you and you will choose the amount that you are willing to pay for your debts.

Once you have settled on a payment program, you will begin to put the amount that you can afford in an FDIC insured account that we will help set up for you. We call this the settlement fund. This is the account where you will save up to pay off your unsecured debts one by one. The great thing about our low program payment is its transparency. You maintain complete control and ownership over this account.

When you have saved a sizable amount in your settlement fund, we will approach your creditor with an offer aimed to lower the outstanding balance on your debt. While you continue to increase that amount, we will negotiate on your behalf using the amount on the fund as a bargaining chip. Our goal is to get the creditor to accept the amount that you have saved up, waive off the late penalty charges, lower the interest rates and forgive the amount that your settlement fund cannot cover. That is our highest hopes to close your debts. Once they agree, we ask them to sign an agreement, we pay them the funds from your account, and you are able to close off this debt!

Enroll in our Low Program Payment Now!

While it is best to increase your monthly deposits to help settle your debts faster, this decision will be all up to you. The bottom line here is you don’t have to meet the high amount dictated by your creditors any longer. We will find a way to make the amount that you can afford work for you.

The important achievement here is to do something to settle your debts now. In a few months time, you will see an improvement on your debt balances. Within 24-48 months, you can expect that one or more of your debts will be settled. As we close one debt, we will proceed to another debt and continue doing so until we have settled all your debts and you can finally be debt-free!

And if you are wondering about our service fees, you do not have to worry about that. There are no upfront fees! Read more about it to calm your doubts.

apply now for debt relief helpNational Debt Relief will work with you as long as you need your help to settle your debts. Give us a call now and you get the chance to speak with one of our professional debt relief consultants. You can also fill up the short form found on this page and we will have a debt professional call you as soon as possible. The time to act on your debt problems is now and we can help you through it!

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