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2 Debt Problems Your Child Have To Deal With In College

debt cut in halfKeeping students from debt problems is not impossible. Although student loans are oftentimes inevitable, there are ways to make it more manageable. You want to make sure that it will not ruin your life.

It is actually a joint effort between the parent and child. The parent will have to instill the right financial values in the child and help guide them as they take the first step towards financial independence. Although they are technically still spending the money being sent by their parents, students are still making their own decisions when it comes to how it is to be used. That has a certain level of independence that requires the right financial habits that will aid them in making money related decisions. The development of these habits will have to be done early on.

But although the student is taught the right financial management skill, you must understand that it still depends on how they will implement it when they are in college. There are things that they can do to keep 2 of the common debt problems from ruining their future.

How to keep your student loans from being a problem

The first debt problem that is raising a lot of difficulties for graduates are student loans. Unfortunately, this problem keeps on getting. Even as mortgage and credit card debts are continually going down, student loans are still rising.

No doubt about it, a student loan is still one of the debts that has all the potential to be good for you. But even so, this debt can still restrict your life and financial capabilities. Even if there are debt relief programs that can help you handle big student loans, you may want to practice certain habits that will keep this debt from spiraling out of control.

  • Monitor all your student loans. Usually, students take in a lot of loans to help finance their education. Even if you start with federal loans, these are oftentimes not enough to cover everything that you will need to spend on. Given that, it is important that you keep careful track of all the student loans that you have taken.

  • Make an early start on your payment plan. Even if you are still in college, it is wise to create a plan of attack for your debts. This will help you make better decisions about how you should spend your money now. Although the billing for your student loans will not start coming in until 6 months after you graduate, there may be somethings that you can do to keep your balance from being too big. It is up to you if you want to make one payment plan or you would like to separate plans for each of your debts.

  • Know the student debt solutions. There are many debt solutions that will help you pay down your debts and it is also a good idea to learn about them as soon as you can. Do your research through sites like the The site can link you through any information that you need to know about student loans, financial aid, etc.

  • Start working on your interest. There are options for you to make small contributions that can help pay for the interest on your loan. This can be a great option for you in keeping your debts low.

Control credit card spending to avoid debt

The second of the debt problems that are plaguing students and graduates alike involve credit cards. Unlike the first, this is one of the debts that is viewed as one of the bad ones. The high interest rate, various fees and charges, and the convenience that it brings to purchase transactions make it a dangerous financial tool. If you are not careful you could end up with a debt that is very hard to get out of.

Most parents issue credit card to students entering college. Since their kids will be far from home, an emergency situation will render them without any fund to pay for it. To ease the worry, parents usually get these cards to help their kids pay for unexpected expenses. Although they can be of assistance, there are tips to help you keep the credit card debt from being a problem.

  • Choose the right card. It all begins with your choice of credit card. You can use comparison sites like They have a specific category for college student credit cards.

  • Know the billing cycle of the card. You can call the credit card company to understand the billing cycle of your account. That will help you understand when you should pay your dues. For instance, if you pay within the grace period of your debt, you will not be burdened with the interest rate – at least if you pay the balance in full.

  • Be strict about when the credit card will be used. Ideally, spending in cash should be preferred because it keeps you from wasting money on interest. However, there are emergency situations that can benefit from credit card use. Make sure you list these situations and be strict about using your cards.

  • Do not use it to buy unnecessary things. Buying clothes, make up, bags, shoes and paying for entertainment expenses through credit cards is usually a bad idea. These are the expenses that you want to control. Credit card purchases are not the easiest payment mode to control because you do not realize the amount of money you are spending – unlike when you pay in cash.

Here is a short video that we have created for you about getting help for your credit card debt.

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